Alma Olive (dragmar) wrote in bothroads,
Alma Olive

Lesbian or Leopard

Hey, hey, everybody! I'm Susie! I'm bisexual! I'm fifteen!
To lay it out straight (heh heh), I've probably known since fifth year that I was... strange. I liked my pal, Sarah, just a bit too much, you know, eh, eh? But I didn't start admitting it to myself until I was maybe twelve or thirteen. I had kind of an early coming out. I was thirteen and everyone, especially my brother and sister, was supportive. It took my father a day or so to actually grasp it and the day after he gave me this horrendous speech. But it was funny. It seems he was really more concerned that I'd become obsessed with masturbating to lesbian porn than he was about sinning or coming out too quickly or too soon. Everyone else was fantastic. My grandma was the only one who fell out of her chair.
I prefer girls because they're sweet and gentle. Pretty, you know? They just work better with me. I prefer their genitalia, their demeanors, their voices. But hey, Alan Rickman dressed up as Professor Snape? I'd hit that.
Alas, there's no love for me nonetheless which I fancy. I go to school with teenage mothers and kids who have to get a couple more credits before they can really graduate. I go there for social issues. But there is one girl I like. Her name is Caron and she has a little baby girl. And a boyfriend in a state penitentiary.
I came here for friendship, support. Someone to identify with. Someone to fall in love with.
I've always said girls are sheets and boys are blankets. Sheets keep you warm in winter and they can turn you either temperature in summer. And always very comfortable. Blankets can be wonderful in winter, but they're absolutely overbearing in summer. Except for the boys on this community. I'm sure you're quite lovely!
Thanks, everybody!
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