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1st lesbian experience

This is a story about the first time I had sex with another
woman. I too am a woman. If this offends you please read no
further. Judy and I had been friends since we were little girls.
We hung around together, double dated, and shared our experiences
with each other. We had apartments in the same building.

One Saturday I walked down the hall to Judy's place to spend
time with her. Little did I know what would happen that special
afternoon. When I arrived at Judy's apartment I let myself in as
I always do. I walked toward the kitchen and was about to call
out when I noticed her sleeping on the couch. She was nude and
laying on her back. One of her hands was between her legs,
rubbing her pussy. I just stood and watched her play with herself
for a few minutes. Seeing her slowly masturbating in her sleep
somehow turned me on. I felt that familiar tickle between my own
legs as she rubbed and probed herself.

I had on only a robe with nothing underneath so I reached
down and rubbed my  own crotch just a little. It felt good so I
did it again. Judy seemed fast asleep but for her hand movement
so I continued to rub and play with myself while standing over
her, watching her. I could feel myself getting very wet between
my legs as I slid my fingers back and forth in my slit. It felt
so good and I was getting so turned on that I couldn't stop,
though I knew I should.

I then stuck first one finger, then two, into my wet hole.
As I inserted the third finger into myself  I gasped at the
pleasure. I saw Judy's eyes open and a wave of sudden
embarrassment swept over me. I wanted to run and hide, but I just
froze, standing there with my fingers deep inside me, still
probing, as if they had a mind of their own. I felt uneasy that I
was this turned on from watching another woman, my best friend,

Judy just smiled at me and I noticed she was still rubbing
herself too. In fact I saw she was doing it harder. She whispered
for me to come closer, and I did, walking toward the couch with
my hand still working at my wet and hot pussy. When I got close
she reached out with her free hand and pulled me down to a
kneeling position next to her. Then she pushed the robe from my
shoulders and I let it slip to the floor. I was now naked like
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