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so, uhm

sooo, hey everyone :3 i think i might have introduced myself here already ( i joined here a while ago)

so, mini sessay, or you can just look at the question at the end:

out of my school, there are no 'out' gays. i have an in the closet bi friend, a bi friend who got pulled out of the closet, and my best friend, who is out like me, but no one knows she's had a girlfriend (Me. we broke up a while ago), so hardly anyones actually realised (she doesnt write it across her forehead, or anything) 

see, I was fine being who I am (a 14 year old Bi girl) for about 6 months, with quite a few people knowing. I'd had a girlfriend, but few people knew that. 
Then, a couple of months after my first girlfriend, i got a new girlfriend, rachel. 
Everone found out. I don't know how, one of my friends must be a rat : /

Long story short, a big girl gang in my school made fun of us to the point where my girlfriend decided we should break up. she tells everyone shes straight : / to make sure people leave her alone. I still identify as bi to people. I couldnt really care less what they think.

But. the gang got worse.  they kind of ambushed me after school one day, when i wasnt with my ususal groupof friends. (these are the sort of girls who shouldnt be allowed other kids x_o) and I got knocked about a bit, and my confidence went right down. these girls were delt with (kind of ) by the school, so basically they were told 'not to do it again'. but they did stop doing anything physical towards me. now they just hurl insults , which are probaly supposed to upset me. stuff like 'bisexual lebian' : / and m favourite, 'you're only bi to be popular' (because I'm getting so much positve popularity, right?) 

Its worse for my friend harry, who's a lovely kid :3 but hatedby alot of kids in our school cos hes also...you guessed it, bi . 
Last week a huge gang of boys came after him, dragged him into the boys loos (and stopped his friends coming in to defend him) , and kicked him in the head and stomach. 
And filmed it. it was  pretty horrible. 
My schools acidemically (sp?)one of the best in england (its not a private school or anything), but the bullyings pretty rough, 
So, does this kind of stuff happen because its a school whos a majority of middle class kids?  (no offense to middle class. Its just some of these kids think that all people that live in africa live in mud huts. and some have never met a muslim or hindu in real life. Iknow thats nothing to do with it, but im just saying that some of them seem to live a very...closed life. Here in essex,black people arecalled 'coloured' instead of black. o.o i dont know if thats ok, but in london where i grew up, i knew tht if you called a black person coloured you tended to get slapped in the face... ) 
 I remembermy last sex ed class,  the teachers handed us these leaflets about sexuality. it said:  If you like the sam sex, you are gay. If you like the oppisite sex, you are straight. (so much for bothroads, right? : / ) 

So this is my question:  wherever you live, whatever type of school/workplace you're in, 

Do you guys get alot of harrasment for your sexuality?...

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